Multi-Event Upload Tool:

The Multi-Event Upload Tool was created so our Event Submitters don't have to submit each of their events separately and can submit mulitple (and unlimited) number of events all at once saving time. If you have 4 or more events, our current multi-event upload users have found that this tool will save you time.

The Multi-Event Upload Tool uses an Excel document template that is filled out by you the event submitter and then emailed to our staff to import directly into our database.

To Use the Mulit-Event Upload Tool:

  1. Download our sample Excel template to fill in. (Download)
    Note: Make sure you do not change the field names
  2. Fill out the required fields completely for each of your events.

    The columns that are required are:
    • EventName, StartDate, StartTime, EndTime, Description, Cost (Enter 0 if free), Venue (The same for all event unless you serve multi-venues)
    • DescriptionEnd is not necessary, but can be included. This is the closing part of the event listing so for example if you want to include general information, ticket info or links and/or a phone number for the Center this is where you would include it and it's usually the same for all your events.

  3. Email the completed Excel document to with the subject: Multi-Event Upload.

If you have any questions, send us a quick e-mail: