Progress Festival 2018:

Date: May 19, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM - TBD
Venue: Highland Farm
Organizations: Astrologikal, Buddhagraph Spaceship, Electrobro, Johanna Vaughan, Lucid Traveler, Marble Berry Seeds, Mettaforce Funk, Night Idea, Spark Arrester, The Buck and Griz Show, Trebuchet
Cost: Full Festival: • Early Bird Tickets until 3/3/18: $35.00 • General Tickets until 4/15/18: $40.00 • Last Call Tickets until 5/5/18: $50.00 • At the Gate: $65.00

Individual Day: • Friday Day Pass: $35.00 • Saturday Day Pass: $40.00

Description: Progress Festival 2018 will be held starting on Friday, May 18, 2018 through Sunday, May 20, 2018 at Highland Farm in Dublin, VA.

Progress Festival is a three day, two night, community run, music and arts festival on a beautiful 200 acre farm featuring an eclectic mix of more than 25 East Coast artists. Progress Fest will all feature nonprofit and environmental speakers, camping, all organic & local food, alien art installations, a helicopter, and many other surprises that mere words cannot describe!

Band Line-Up:
• Lionize (DC)
• Of Tomorrow (DC)
• Jonah Tolchin (NJ)
• yOya (LA)
• Dharmasoul (NJ)
• Sean Barna (Brooklyn, NY)
• We Are Here (VT)
• Shining Mirrors (NY)
• Grey Watson (South Korea)
• Night Idea (Richmond, VA)
• Buddhagraph Spaceship (NC)
• Snowhaus (MA)
• Spark Arrester (bburg)
• Electrobro (Blacksburg, VA)
• Lucid Traveler (Richmond, VA)
• Humbalaya (MD)
• Marble Berry Seeds (Blacksburg, VA)
• Johanna Vaughan (Blacksburg, VA)
• Sir Mike (Miami)
• Mettaforce Funk (Blacksburg, VA)
• The Buck and Griz Show
• Astrologikal (Blacksburg, VA)
• Bach Lava Hip Hop (Blacksburg, VA)
• Newman (NC)
• Ace Henderson
• Trebuchet (Blacksburg, VA)

Tickets for the full festival are $35.00 in advance and $45.00 at the gate for two nights of camping and music. Tickets for Friday-only are $25.00 and for Saturday-only are $30.00.

To purchase your tickets online, visit:

Also, this year we have to institute a $5.00 per car fee. We are hoping this reduces the amount of traffic and cars. Car camping passes are $20.00 per car and 30 are available.

Prohibited Items:
• Weapons, such as firearms or sharp objects.
• Glass Bottles/containers
• Any open flames, fireworks, gas, or other flammable liquids/materials
• Illegal drugs/substances.
• Seriously, no bath salts
• Unleashed pets.
• Minors under 18, unless accompanied by guardian.

Note: This year it will be illegal to worry at Progress Festival. All violators will be tossed into the Phun Zone, a 2x2' area full of ninja turtle coloring books, bubbles and refreshments for rehabilitation.

To view a video preview of the festival, visit:

Highland Farm is located at 6020 Highland Road in Dulin, VA. Located just 30 minutes from Blacksburg, and ten minutes from Radford.

For more information, visit: or