Welcome Message from Jami Ryan:

About Us:

What is Next Three Days?

NextThreeDays.com is where you come to find your fun in the New River Valley. NextThreeDays.com is a web resource that allows you to find lunch and dinner specials, music concerts, drink specials, sporting events, family friendly events, arts & theatre events and any other special event that is happening in the NRV within the next few days. NextThreeDays currently lists events in the New River Valley (Blacksburg, Radford, Christiansburg and surrounding areas).

How can NextThreeDays Help Me?

  • Ever sit around hungry wondering where to go and eat for relatively cheap? Check out NextThreeDays.com for the NRV’s daily food specials.
  • Tired of sitting around your home with nothing to do? Check out NextThreeDays.com for local concerts & bands, arts & theatre events, lectures, sporting events and other special events to help you get out of your home and experience something new.
  • Have friends, your parents or other relatives coming into town and want to find somewhere to entertain them? NextThreeDays.com lists fun local events every day and make sure to check out our Featured Events page for some of the area's bigger events.
  • Visiting Blacksburg, Christiansburg or Radford for the first time on business or pleasure and want to see what the NRV has to offer? NextThreeDays.com can help you out.
  • Have an event in the NRV that you want to get publicized for free? You can submit your events for free on NextThreeDays.com provided they meet our criteria and we will probably even post them on Facebook and Twitter.
Who is NextThreeDays?
Virginia Tech Fanatic

The president and founder of NextThreeDays is Jami Ryan. Jami has lived in the area since he was three and attended the Christiansburg public schools. After graduation, he attended Radford University where he majored in Print Journalism and Computer Science. Upon receiving his degrees he was hired by local web development company Automation Creations where he worked for 10 years before forming his own company Sublime Enterprises, LLC and took over ownership and management of NextThreeDays.com on a full-time basis.

Helping Jami are a great group of friends and volunteers assisting him wherever possible and making NextThreeDays possible and top on that list is Jami's wife Becky who not only helps out with NextThreeDays, but teaches local pre-school students at Eastern Montgomery Elementary.

In our spare time, the NextThreeDays staff likes to have fun and take advantage of as many events and specials that we have listed on NextThreeDays and our story wouldn't be complete if we didn't profess our love for sports and especially the Virginia Tech Hokies. You might say we're a little fanatical.

Why did you Create NextThreeDays?

NextThreeDays was created for two reasons:

  1. We were tired about of missing events and specials and hearing about them after the fact. We wanted to create one source where all area events could be viewed from a single source.
  2. We wanted to share with everyone all the opportunities the New River Valley provides. It's not that the NRV doesn't have a lot going on, it's that we don't hear about a lot of the events that are happening and are unaware of them. Our goal is to prevent that from happening and to let you know all the events and specials the local venues, universities and organizations provide each and every day.

What is the History of NextThreeDays?

This is an idea that Jami had been kicking around in his head for quite a while starting when he was a student at Radford University though it was while working at ACI where the idea came into focus and became reality. With the blessing of ACI President & Owner Henry Bass, ACI's staff undertook the task of bringing NextThreeDays to life from pen drawings on a napkins and scraps of paper and coming up with new ideas.

After NextThreeDays came to life and had been available to the public for awhile, Jami wanted to give NextThreeDays more personal attention so he discussed this with Henry and they worked out an agreement to spin off NextThreeDays from ACI and give Jami ownership of the website in March of 2011.

Upon taking ownership, Jami's efforts were to continue to grow the website and add new functionality at the same time and see how far NextThreeDays can go.

Where are you Located?

We're not a national company. We are a small, local company and have resided in the NRV for over 30 years. We are located in Blacksburg, Virginia at 1900 Sussex Road.

Future Aspirations & How Can I Help?

We want to spread the word about NextThreeDays.com to as many people as we can who reside in and around the New River Valley and we strive to become the leading source of events and specials in the area. To do that, we need your help. You can help us in a variety of ways, but here are three specific ways:

  1. Please give us your feedback. Let us know what you think and any ideas on how you think we can improve. We promise to listen and read all feedback, good and bad. Now we might not be able to do all the suggestions, but we will consider and evaluate all submitted feedback.
  2. Let your friends, family & co-workers know about us. If you like what we're doing, don't be shy, please help us spread the word and let them know about our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  3. If your business or organization is holding events that meet our criteria, please let us know about them. We will add them on NextThreeDays for free and we will probably post your events and specials on Facebook and Twitter too.