31 Days of NRV Fun Challenge: Overview

The 31 Days of NRV Fun Challenge is a local challenge of epic proportions created by NextThreeDays.com to prove how many fun and entertaining events there are in the New River Valley even during the doldrums of winter as well as to show that a Black Card is not necessary to enjoy the fun the New River Valley offers.

Challenge has been Completed!

The 31 Days of NRV Fun Challenge was successfully completed on Monday, March 17th with a total of 33 different locations visited (two days were double event days) and a total of $204.08 was spent per person throughout the Challenge!

"I want to thank everyone who attended our events, followed us along the way and a very special thanks to all the businesses and organizations for not only holding the events we participed in to make the Challenge possible, but for also being so welcoming and willing to spend time with us at their events. It just shows what an awesome place the New River Valley is. I couldn't have asked for a better 31 days!

And, to those who say there is nothing to do in the New River Valley or that it cost too much money to have fun, we have proven those are myths and there are no more excuses not to enjoy what the NRV has to offer."

- NextThreeDays Founder/President Jami Ryan


  1. Visit 31 different locations and/or venues throughout the New River Valley. Visiting no location more than once.
  2. Complete the Challenge after 31 consecutive days of attending events starting on Saturday, February 15th and ending on Monday, March 17th.
  3. Spend no more than $217 for the entire contest per person. An average of $7 a day.
  4. All events must appear on NextThreeDays.com.

Can You Do It?

  • "While I have occasionally gone to events five or even seven days in a row, I've never personally challenged myself physically or emotionally in such a grueling undertaking. With that said I have the utmost confidence in my team and myself that we can complete the Challenge and do so by meeting or exceeding the outlined criteria. Will it be easy? No. Will it be exhausting? Yes. Will it be fun? Absolutely!"

    - NextThreeDays Founder/President Jami Ryan

Where will you be?

  • We've scheduled some of the events we will be attending in advance and others we will ask for your help on Social Media to vote for where we should go. And, others will be a spur of the moment decision given inclement weather, cancellations and the like.

    To find out where we're going and where we've been, visit our Locations page.

Social Media:

  • We plan to incorporate all of our social media channels to help spread the word about The 31 Days of NRV Fun Challenge from letting you know where will be to recapping the events to interacting with venue and you. We will be posting regularly on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest channels. Search and use the hashtag #31DaysNRVFun to communicate with us.

    To view our Social Media accounts and hear the current buzz about The 31 Days of NRV Fun Challenge, visit: Social Media

Can I join you in your Challenge?

  • Yes and we encourage you to do so as your schedule permits. (We don't want to encourage you to miss work or classes, but you're adults so we trust you to make the right choice) We will post in advance as soon as we can where we will be headed each day and invite you to join us. In fact, we're even holding a drawing where you can enter by participating in the Challenge events for three days in a row. The grand prize winner drawn on the final day will receive tickets to two of the biggest events in the New River Valley, the 2014 Blacksburg Fork & Cork and Brew Do.

    For complete rules and details, visit: How Do I Participate?.

What else can I do?

  • Help spread the word about our Challenge and where we're going to be and interact with us through our various social media accounts and in person at the events. Be on the lookout for the hash tag #31DaysNRVFun and use it in your social media communication when discussing and participating in the Challenge.

Media Requests:

  • If you would like to interview Jami Ryan and the NextThreeDays staff for your publication to find out more about The 31 Days of NRV Fun Challenge or to check in and hear about our progress. Contact Jami Ryan at jami.ryan@NextThreeDays.com or call 540-391-0340.

    All reasonable media requests will be accepted and all others will be evaluated and probably granted too.